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Electron Optics

Scanning Electron Microscopy

This project is part of Gas Labs.  These are photographs taken using a scanning electron microscope.  This device can magnify up to 300,000 times.  It uses electrons instead of light to capture an image.  The lens is a tunnel of magnets which bend the electrons the same way that glass does in a camera lens, kind of, it's more complicated than that but that's the general idea.

 * Thanks to George Kretschmann at the U of T Geology SEM lab for his much needed assistance.

The tip of the G in the Gas logo on the printing press plate seen above

Utopia Gloss printing stock at 500X

Utopia gloss printing stock at 5000X

Side by side Mohawk Superfine uncoated and Utopia gloss coated printing stocks
Aluminum flake pigment used in metallic ink

Utopia gloss printing stock at 1000X

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