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0 - 100 Project

The 0 - 100 Project is a photographic chronicle of people aged newborn to one hundred years of age.  The Project team members covered the range from concept, design, photography, retouch & colour separation, stock, printing, and bindery, as well as preparing images for the iPad app. Our involvement was to retouch, colour correct and proof to ensure a uniform body of portraits as well as to prepare five colour separations and mix a fifth iridescent ink for a touch plate which gives a subtle iridescent highlight to the subjects. Preparing for this press run included stock and separation testing, press testing.

The fifth ink used for the 0 - 100 Project gives a subtle iridescent highlight to the subjects.

Retouching and colour corrections by Jeff Hale, Studio Manager
Colour separations by Doug Laxdal

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Get the free iPad app   http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/0-to-100-project/id425167023?mt=8

Photographer Sandy Nicholson proofing the first sheets coming off of the press for the 0 - 100 Project press run.


View the flipbook here:  http://0to100project.com/sites/default/files/flipbook/index.html