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Arash Stationary

This project is a stationary package created for a private company.  The package contains calling card, folding note card, letterhead. The inks were pastel green pms solid litho, flourescent green pms 2x, dark green foil stamp, dark green engraving.  Stock was Rolland Opaque cover and text. finishing includes die cutting and scoring.

See section on intaglio engraving below.


Intaglio Engraving is a process where paper is printed using a steel die with recessed artwork engraved into it.  A roller runs ink over the die, kraft paper on a roll wipes the die off leaving ink in the engraved areas, the die is pressed onto the paper and the ink in the engraved areas sticks to the paper.  This leaves a slightly raised, opaque, matte surface ink on the paper. Engraving is used to resolve fine lines and type.

The following images are of dark green and black engraving inks on a paper litho printed with solid pastel green ink.

These images illustrate difficulties in inking the bottom part of the letters when printing over the solid pastel green litho. The problem was due to an incompatibility between the dark green engraving ink and the litho ink.  Black ink did not have the problem.

Photomicrographs from the finished job will be added to this post upon delivery of the stationary package to the client.

green ink shows bottoms of letterforms starving of ink.

Photography Doug Laxdal, The Gas Company Inc., 2011

black ink

80% black / 20% green mix still has the problem

dark green


Hot Foil stamping is a print process where a heated die with the raised artwork is pressed onto paper with a heat sensitie foil between.  The plastic foil is coated with a heat sensitie transfer material with colour pigment incorporated.  The die leaes a debossed impression and the coloured foil coating is melted onto the paper to create proide colour.  These photomicrographs show the artwork enlarged at approximately 1000%.  This illustrates how the heat transfer material will error on the inside angles of the hot die due to heat build up between the two surfaces.

Photography Doug Laxdal, The Gas Company Inc., 2011


ACAD Imagination Arts Community

ACAD Imagination Arts Community
Design:  Bruce Mau Design
Print production: Guy Poulin and Doug Laxdal

This book is printed process litho with a fifth touchplate of black to bring up the shadows on the uncoated Mohawk Navaho stock.  The signatures are perfect bound french folded with slices of the cover's title graphics progressively crossing the fore edge of each french fold, creating the appearance of the title wrapping around the fore edge to the back cover.

snowlab logo

These are draft designs for the snowlab logo.  I'm getting close.

The snowman version isn't really on the table but it's kind of fun.

If I could remember what code I inserted to hide the comments I'd change it so I could hear some opinions. But I can't.
Snowlab equipment under development