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How printing inks are made

See this beautifully shot film by Canadian craft ink supplier Rycoline, The Printing Ink Company.

Ink specialist Peter Welfare and his team at Rycoline formulate and manufacture inks primarily for litho printing.  In addition to a full lab facility, Rycoline is able to consult and advise on how to match colour, surface textures, as well as consulting on how to achieve consistent results with corporate brand colours on various stocks.  I also use Rycoline raw materials and advice in my experiments with letterpress and effects inks.

If you are a designer or otherwise involved in the graphic arts you should watch this to gain a more full knowledge of why ink choice is equally as important as the paper stocks or printing presses you choose to run your projects on.  Ink supplier choice is very important in lowering environmental impact as many commodity ink factories pay little attention to how these chemicals are handled and disposed of.