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Emeco chair photography

Emeco has sent us three chairs to photograph.
Photography ©2012 Doug Laxdal

                                         Three boxes arrived with chairs in foam wrappers.

This is a photograph of the Emeco catalogue cover that I had shot previously. I hope to match this style.  I shot this chair lying down on a piece of white plastic under an overcast sky on the sidewalk outside my studio on Richmond Street.  We printed the catalogue cover in process litho with a red touchplate and then struck the image with a multi level die to give it some relief.

Below are the first round of photographs of the highly polished Emeco Starck chair, the Putman chair and the rocker.  I shot them on a bright, sunny, cloudless day on a piece of white plastic in a parking lot to avoid any reflections from trees or overhead wires. The shadows are real.  I added a bit of lens flare in post but I might alter that.  The images will require a lot of work to be used at a large size due to the massive lens flare from the bright white background and the scratches which are emphasized by the lighting.

I did this shot of the chair in the trees because it was relatively simple to do with I had on hand.  I shot this in my front under a tree and then dropped it into this background which I had shot last fall.