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Simplicity personal stationery

We created this simple monarch letterhead and envelope personal stationery set for architect Jack Diamond. A simple line of Gill Sans Light intaglio.

Book Burning

This video demonstrates what happens when Friday afternoon gets away on you and you start putting random things in the path of your CO2 laser to see what will happen.
This is a beautiful little Canadian Art notebook that we made last year. It was a bit too thick and a fire started inside when the laser burned through it. It smoldered away until the book was consumed.

Book Burning from Doug Laxdal on Vimeo.

The Worlds Most Elaborate Book

Project:       The Secret to Making a Difference
Client:          Bruce Mau Design / MDC Corporation
Producers:  Guy Poulin: Overall print production & quality control
                    Doug Laxdal: retouch/colour separations, process research & testing and photochromic inks

This book is a smythe sewn party between two blind debossed covers.
Each is collection of profound quotes neatly rolled onto pages containing detachable
bumper stickers, party balloons, drink coasters, fridge magnets, cut vinyl stickers,
temporary tattoos, 3D glasses and 3D images, posters, puzzles and games
on a newsprint section.

Other tricks include a section of horizontally split pages for an image mix and match
and a little flip book tucked into a pocket in the back cover.

This book is pushed over the top by a section of images and text printed using
photochomic inks developed at the Gas Company's basement ink lab which
change from transparent to a saturated blue when exposed to light.

See The Gas Company website for more information on custom inks or email Doug Laxdal

Retouching and colour corrections by Jeff Hale, Studio manager

A Smythe sewn party between two blind debossed covers

Photochromic ink formulated by Gas Company changes colour when exposed to UV light.

The Secret to Making a Difference  Produced for Bruce Mau Design. Client: MDC Corporation / Miles Nadel

Personal Stationery Package

We built this cloth wrapped case bound box to hold letterhead, compliments cards, and envelopes which we produced using intaglio engraving and edge colouring, with a lined custom envelope.

Leafs Photography Retouching

Retouching and colour treatments of player photographs for the Toronto Maple Leafs, photographed by Sandy Nicholson.  The photos are used for all advertising and promotions, on programs, tickets, scoreboard, billboards, etc.  Below is a photo from a previous year's shoot.

Die Stamping

Beginning of die stamping article.  The following photographs show a Kensol die stamping press, photoengraved magnesium and CNC milled brass dies, short video on die stamping.


The Gas Company Inc. produced this stationery package for the rebranding launch of this New York, NY interior design firm.

The package consists of letterhead, No 10 envelope, business cards, mailing labels, note cards, and compliments cards.  Processes include intaglio engraving, PMS grey litho, duplexing, and die cutting.  The entire package was printed using Monadnock Astrolite Vellum with the exception of the mailing labels which were printed on Mohawk Superfine pressure sensitive stock.

These photographs show the finished stationery package and feature a video of the intaglio run, details of the intaglio engraving dies and photomicrographs of the grey engraving inks.

Mark Cunningham Stationery from Doug Laxdal on Vimeo.

TBW stationery

This law office stationery consisting of a business card, letterhead, No. 10 envelope, and No. 10 sized compliments card was produced using litho print with a registered deboss on the logo.