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The Apple Crate

When Grip Limited called wondering if we knew anyone who could make 50 stylish wood boxes to hold a fondue gift set, we just couldn't say no.

The wooden slats were rip cut out of 2 x 6's.  The box required three different lengths of slats for the sides and top, along with plywood bottoms and some 1/2" square posts to reinforce the corners. We cut jigs to hold the slats in place out of 3mm acrylic using our laser cutter.  The slats were put in the jig and a cut sheet of kraft paper was put through our gluer and then placed over the row of slats to hold them together as a unit, one for each side.  The lid had cross beams tacked and glued in place before tacking on the jute handle.   The box was made by arranging the pre-made sides around a jig and then tacking and gluing them to the plywood bottom and square posts on the inside corners.

The insert trays to hold the fondue set in place were all designed in Illustrator and then laser cut from double wall corrugate.  The logo was cut into the top tray at a very low power just to kiss cut the top sheet of the corrugate.

The fondue sets and chalices were held in place inside the boxes with some twist ties and bubble wrap before the printed kraft paper belly band was wrapped around.  The box was wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and they were packed for shipping in double wall corrugate boxes.

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