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Torys LLP Law office renovation & art installation

KPMB's architect's multi floor renovation of Torys LLP law offices in Toronto's TD towers centres around a magnificent art collection.  The centrepiece of the project is the Client and Executive Floor. A generous, continuous loop of circulation is organized around the core functioning as a seamless gallery space with views terminating at all four corners.  An interconnecting staircase runs between the 32nd and 33rd floors.

The north and south facing boardrooms occupy one, long extended, column-free space. Each provides flexible convertible space which can be divided into smaller meeting spaces or completely opened up with a system of skyfold walls. The skyfold wall system manifests Torys’ commitment to innovation and to contemporary Canadian art. The patented system was customized with integrated art works by Montreal artist Pascal Grandmaison and Toronto-based artist Robert Fones.

The Gas Company was contracted to produce the 212 panels which cover the Skyfold walls, each measuring 3' x 12'.  After interpolating, colour testing and tiling of the artist's supplied images, the files were printed with our large format ink jet printer on gloss photo paper before being laminated to provide protection from damage and to provide a lustre pearl finish.  The finished prints were packed flat in custom made plywood boxes measuring  3.5' x 13' x 6" to be shipped to the Skyfold factory in Montreal.

Each panel was compared for colour accuracy to a set of master approval prints.  Panels were inspected closely for flaws or defects prior to delivery.

Once the panels were printed, we travelled to Montreal to work with the Skyfold team to ensure that each laminated print was mounted to the large steel panels perfectly before being shipped back to Toronto for installation in the Torys office.

The project consumed our entire shop for two months.

Panorama of a small boardroom configuration with Skyfold walls extended down showing Pascal Grandmaison's photograph tiled over the Skyfold walls.

A boardroom configuration showing the artwork of Robert Fones on the Skyfold wall at the far end of the room in the down position to form the back wall, with a second Skyfold wall retracted into the ceiling to create a larger size boardroom.

A detail of Pascal Grandmaison photograph tiled over Skyfold panels.

A detail of Robert Fones photograph tiled over Skyfold panels with view over Toronto skyline.

 Doug Laxdal of The Gas Company with Pascal Grandmaison.

A detail of Pascal Grandmaison photograph tiled over Skyfold panels.

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