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Guy Knowles stationery

This stationery set for Toronto Interior designer/contactor Guy Knowles consists of paper backed wood veneer foil stamped with opaque white, duplexed to letterpress printed Cranes Lettra stock and then die cut with rounded corners. Designed by Doug Laxdal.

2nd Book Metallic Colour Separations Print/Prepress Production

Gas Company produced metallic colour separations, colour corrections, retouching, proofing, prepress and print production on Sandy Nicholson book of portraits featuring people who have just taken second place in the event they are competing in.

The colour separations use our proprietary separation technique for integrating metallic ink into a four colour image.  See the effect in the photos below.  (I'm still working on photography so there's a few shot options.

**Does anyone reading this know how to make short videos that play automatically in a browser?  I love making stop motion gifs but I'd prefer smooth motion that's not limited to 256 colours and with better file size.

Agathom architects stationery

We produced this stationery set designed by Toronto graphic designer Frank Viva for Agathom architects.  Consists of litho, intaglio, and letterpress on Mohawk Superfine stock.  Note the printed inner liner of the custom No 10 envelope.

Bell Canada Cyclist Image

Photography Sandy Nicholson ©2012

This is a job for Bell Canada & Leo Burnett Advertising.  Photographed in studio by Sandy Nicholson.For this shot we took Sandy's cyclist studio shot, created the blurred and colorized background by shooting a patch or our studio floor, retouched as directed to clean up bike and rider, delete logos, and applied color corrections.  The spoked wheels were replaced with solid wheels with a motion blur added, as well the feet, legs and crank had a motion blur added.

Raptors Photography Retouching

The Gas Company Inc. is beginning work for the fourth year in a row on player photographs for the Raptors season.  The images, shot by Sandy Nicholson are used everywhere from game tickets, magazine, billboard and television advertisements, game programs, scoreboard display, etc.

In addition to the Toronto Raptors player photographs we also work on the Toronto Maple Leaf player photos.

Emeco chair photography

Emeco has sent us three chairs to photograph.
Photography ©2012 Doug Laxdal

                                         Three boxes arrived with chairs in foam wrappers.

This is a photograph of the Emeco catalogue cover that I had shot previously. I hope to match this style.  I shot this chair lying down on a piece of white plastic under an overcast sky on the sidewalk outside my studio on Richmond Street.  We printed the catalogue cover in process litho with a red touchplate and then struck the image with a multi level die to give it some relief.

Below are the first round of photographs of the highly polished Emeco Starck chair, the Putman chair and the rocker.  I shot them on a bright, sunny, cloudless day on a piece of white plastic in a parking lot to avoid any reflections from trees or overhead wires. The shadows are real.  I added a bit of lens flare in post but I might alter that.  The images will require a lot of work to be used at a large size due to the massive lens flare from the bright white background and the scratches which are emphasized by the lighting.

I did this shot of the chair in the trees because it was relatively simple to do with I had on hand.  I shot this in my front under a tree and then dropped it into this background which I had shot last fall.